Data Transmitters

Data Transmitters and Receivers There are two types of computer peripherals used by switches/routers. The first type is the data transmitter (also known as a dongle), which transmits commands to the computer, as well as receiving data from the computer. The second type is the data receiver (also known as a card), which supports communication… Continue reading Data Transmitters

Why content is viral

Content is a vital part of SEO because its the vehicle you use to reach and engage audiences. SEO isn’t a formula-driven business. Its an experience-driven business. You cannot influence your engagement rates if you are not showing up on the front end of the users feed. According to companies like Victorious, the ability to… Continue reading Why content is viral

The Importance of an Effective Web Presence

The world today is a global village thanks to the internet. Through the mere click of a button, one can access tons of information from any location. Online presence through the best google my business management exposes a business to the world. The internet currently is a very effective marketing and advertising platform with tremendous… Continue reading The Importance of an Effective Web Presence

Keeping Up to Date

Using WordPress as your blogging/website platform is a wise decision on many fronts. First and foremost, as discussed before, WordPress may be “blogging software” on the surface, but by using it as a Content Management System, you can run an entire website using WordPress, allowing for easy updates anywhere that you have an Internet connection.