Keeping Up to Date

Using WordPress as your blogging/website platform is a wise decision on many fronts.

First and foremost, as discussed before, WordPress may be “blogging software” on the surface, but by using it as a Content Management System, you can run an entire website using WordPress, allowing for easy updates anywhere that you have an Internet connection.

It’s important to note that while WordPress is fairly autonomous once it has been setup, it’s just as important to keep up to date should you use WordPress, so that you have the latest features and security measures. Luckily, WordPress has made this even easier

Automatic Upgrades

One added feature in WordPress 2.7.0 (the current version is 2.7.1) is automatic upgrading. As this suggests, you can now upgrade with a few clicks through your administration panel. This makes upgrading a snap and allows the process to happen in about 30 seconds.

Automatic upgrading should eliminate any concerns you may have about using an application such as WordPress to run an entire website. You have complete control right down to the templates. You can easily design your own theme using CSS, and of course you can include your own graphics. You can make changes through the administration panel, or manually upload files.


With all these features in place, why not use WordPress? Here at Adakist we’re always glad to integrate our designs into WordPress so that you can more easily manage your website.

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