The Top 5 Trends in Web Design of 2012

Looking back at 2013, here are the trends that I found most prevalent, starting at number one, QR codes.

1. Use of QR codes

QR codes are patterns that can provide a link to a main websites which is a pro tip for engaging your blog for beginners. They are printed as ads in magazines, packages and other promotional materials. These codes are useful for people with smartphones because they can take a photo of the code and get redirected to a website, product or video of a company. QR tags are popping up everywhere, but how often are they actually used?

2. Depth and Dimension

The use of 3D has become more popular in different applications such as video games and movies. Likewise, designers have started to add subtle dimension to their site designs. Techniques like image layering, shadows, and lighting are being used to give depth. Animation has also found its way back — not in the form of animated gifs, but subtly animated design elements.

3. Optimization for mobile devices

Many people globally access internet using their mobile phones or tablets. To reach many as many people as possible, a desktop and a mobile version of the a website are designed. Mobile versions are now being designed with interfaces that are touch-screen friendly. “Reponsive” designs is the new tagline, allowing a single design to adapt to many platforms.

4. Social network integration

The social network platform helps businesses reach existing and potential customers. Integration of websites with social networking websites has increased exponentially. The current trend in web design is to integrate your website with sites like Pinest, Facebook and twitter to keep customers active. Consumers are looking for ways in which they can get more information through messaging, posts and chatting.

5. CSS3 and HTML5

Latest design trends utilize tools that make the process of web design easy yet effective. Two of the most prevalent tools that provide designers with what they need are CSS3 and HTML5, though this technology is still developing. These tools provide the cleaner markup, consistency, elegant forms and improved semantics. It is now easy to store data in client-side database and also use GPS in websites.

It is important to use a professional web designer who understands these latest design trends which will expose your business to a global platform. Through this, you will open a door of possibilities to improve your sales.

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